Thursday, July 1, 2010

A nonprofit shirt-facilitating project for hackers - Because you don't have enough black tee shirts!

You've seen it once, you've seen it a thousand times. Snitches, in whatever community they're destroying, always defend themselves by trying to cloud the issue with the same old cries of, "You have no idea what *you* would have done since you weren't in my shoes!" It's like watching a smirking frat boy at a party zipping up his pants as he's strutting away from a passed out mangled coed, saying, "Come on, you have no idea know what *you* would have done if you'd been the one to find an unconscious hot chick!"

Anyone with any sense of ethics knows exactly what they would do in either situation - it's not a philosophical debate filled with intricate nuance and ambiguity.

Just (barely) in time for summer hacker con season, get your very own tee shirt to declare where you stand on people who enjoy ruining other's lives in order to selfishly gain fame and fortune for themselves.

Starting from just $13.90 plus shipping! Available in many sizes and styles for girls and boys and everyone else!

Spread Shirt is an on-demand printing service that fulfills your order. Their prints are durable and will survive repeated washings and dryings, although are not quite as durable as professionally silk-screened shirts.

Order ASAP, cons are just around the corner!

Basic US shipping (3-5 days) is $4.50, and 3 day select shipping is $11.99. It's also supposed to take up to two business days for your shirt to be printed. (Sorry, your dear shirt designer can't guarantee Spread Shirt's shipping times, so check their shipping chart, and when it doubt, upgrade to faster shipping.)

Dates to remember:
* Black Hat in Las Vegas July 24 - 29
* DEFCON in Las Vegas July 30 - August 1

And hey, even if you don't get your shirt on time, or if you don't go to hacker conventions at all, this special neon green nerd edition of the classic "Stop Snitching" shirt is an appropriate ensemble for any occasion: weddings, riots, court appearances, first dates, bar mitzvahs, swinger's parties, and more! PURCHASED BY AWESOME PEOPLE IN 7 STATES AND 2 CANADIAN PROVINCES!

The small markup on each item and any proceeds from buying through this link will be donated to a worthy league. $293.39 already donated!

Don't bother emailing or posting comments - the only discussion the initiator of this project wishes to engage in is seeing people wearing these shirts at upcoming cons.